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Vera Alexander

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Hi Friends!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my Scentsy website! Hope you enjoyed the visit!

I lived in gorgeous wine country, Temecula California for 25 years and just recently made Bend Oregon my new home ❤️ I have been a part of the Scentsy Family for over 13 years now - reaching Director in 7 months and then Star Director a year later. I continue to enjoy sharing my Scentsy story, hosting parties and growing my team.

 I originally heard about Scentsy from a friend and was immediately intrigued.

 What I fell in love with the most with Scentsy is that is totally safe! I can turn my Scentsy warmer on and go out for the day, returning to a wonderfully scented home - something I was never able to do with a traditional candle. No more flame, soot and black smoke after blowing out a candle - simply turn on the warmer!

I love that I can change out my fragrance every day if I chose and still save the wax in the original containers to be used another time...I love that it’s an affordable alternative to candles.

I have 2 full sized warmers, one in my front dining room and one in my kitchen - making the whole house smell just delicious! A plug in in the kids bathroom keeps that room smelling clean and fresh and a plug in in my bedroom with soothing fragrances from the Scentsy spa range - makes it a relaxing retreat at night...I love the smell of my house no matter what room I am in.

I'm a mother of 2 wonderful children - my rays of sunshine! Scentsy allows me to work around their schedule and mine...I love the flexibility of this job. I love hosting parties, hanging out with fun people AND making money at the same time! How many people can actually say they love their jobs?!  I can!

If this sounds like something that interests you - please call me for further information or if local, let’s sit down for a coffee - I'd love chat more, and see if the Scentsy Family is a fit for you!

My goals are to be a great sales woman, give EXCELLENT customer care with a personal touch, to still be available to my family when they need me and to make a little extra cash to help support my family.

Thank you for your time and look forward to making your world smell yummy!

Vee Alexander

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